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Never content to just do what everybody else does, DJ Standout has made a name for himself as a force in the music industry.  He is a DJ, Producer, Engineer, and Manager with a music ear that reaches the masses.  With complex arrangements, uniquely arranged songs and melodies, and catchy vibes, DJ Standout is sure to bring the sauce every time.

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New Single - DJ Standout ft. Evan Ford - "Be There"

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New music every month!! #FirstFridays


DJ Standout brings the energy every time!!

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DJ Standout began his foundation in music at an early age through piano lessons, band, and church orchestra. This love for music continued when he arrived at the campus of UVa. He picked up turntables mixed it with countless hours perfecting his craft and soon was doing gigs all over the state. His talent and reputation landed him a weekly radio mix show spot on 91.9 WNRN Saturday nights. 

Never one to settle, his ability to move a crowd led him into the creation of the music itself. So he packed his bags and headed down to school in Miami, FL.  There he balanced his time studying music production, playing college basketball, and doing gigs around FL including Trick Daddy's celebrity game and concerts for one of Missy Elliott's artists.

He now lives in Denver and LA.  His life has truly been a blessed journey and he is focused on using his God-given talents to make a difference and help people realize that they are standouts with an awesome purpose as well.

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